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You might have seen while reading our articles some Octodon degus artworks. Indeed, we were looking for artists to illustrate our articles. All these people are paid. Although, the lack of money prevents us to pay more artists, and we would like to find more people to work with, but we will still order new artworks in the future. So you can find all these artworks on that page, which we will update as soon as we receive artworks from our artists. The aim of this is to showcase various artists around a common theme: the degu!

If you are an artist and you want to participate and sumbit your work, do not hesitate to email us:

Note that these artworks are property of the artists and have been made by them to illustrate the site. The use or reproduction of these artworks is prohibited.


First artists we contacted, Vurore has made the banner and some beautiful small degus illustrations with different attitudes. You can find all her work at

Dessine moi une branche (Draw me a branch)

This artwork was a real surprise because it was a gift. Maybe one of the most touching ever. It represents Brindille, our very first degu, a few days before giving birth. We owe this to Audrey Sing from Dessine-moi une branche who made this brilliantly!

Brindille, by Dessine-moi une branche
Octodon degus en gestation
Brindille, a few days before giving birth.


Claire D.

A very sweet order made with watercolours by Claire D. (IG soon)

Dessin d'Octodon degus


Valonia Art

Two cute degus, thanks to Valonia Art’s magnificent work, to find out more, check her Instagram!

Anaïs Faë

A super watercolour made by Anaïs Faë, representing a stellar degu. You can find more on her site:

Octodon degus part Anaïs Faë
Watercolour by Anaïs Faë

Tiny Worlds Living

It was not a specific order, but we could afford a thumbnail drawing by Irene Malakhova.

Degus illustration Irene Malakhova - Tiny worlds living
Thumbnail by Irene Malakhova – Tiny worlds living


Two great illustrations by a talented designer, Ly_boo!

Translation by Matthieu Selles.

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