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Accueil » Prohibited plants and foods for the degu

Prohibited plants and foods for the degu

  • Diet

Octodon degus are herbivorous and folivorous animals and many foods are edible for them. Their natural diet is mainly composed of leaves, roots, flowers and some seeds01 02. In captivity, it is essential to offer them a diet adapted to their species and to know how to feed them. A varied diet, with a Ca:P ratio of 2:103 allows to avoid most dental problems in degus04. They also need to have a wide variety in their diet, so they can choose according to their preferences and keep a natural chewing behavior05.

Please note that this article was translated with the help of DeepL. If you notice any mistakes, please send us an email at! Thank you for your help!

However, some foods should be avoided, either because they are toxic or because they are totally unsuitable for the species. Note that the following list is not exhaustive and that we invite you to identify the plants before giving them, as well as to verify their potential toxicity.

Foods and plants to avoid 06 07
Common nameScientific nameRemarks
Acacia berlandieriAcacia berlandieriDigestive disorders.
AcokantheraAcokanthera sp.Cardiac disorders
AconiteAconitum sp.Cardiac disorders.
AcroptilonCentaurea repens
ActaeaActea sp.Toxic.
Adonis annualAdonis annua
Adonis flameAdonis flammea
Adonis of springAdonis vernalis
AesculusAesculus sp.Digestive disorders.
AgapanthusAgapanthus sp.Digestive disorders.
Agastache fennelAgastache foeniculumToxic essential oil, toxicity of the plant undetermined at low concentration.
AgaveAgave sp.Digestive disorders.
Ageratine élevée / Eupatoire rugueuseAgeratina altissima
Aglaonema modestumAglaonema modestum
AlcoholCan cause serious digestive and neurological disorders.
AlgaeNot adapted
AlocasiaAraceae spDigestive problems.
Aloe barbadensisAloe barbadensis
Aloe veraAloe veraDigestive problems, only the "gel" is edible.
AmaryllisAmaryllis sp.Digestive problems.
Ambrosia MexicanaChenopodium botrysDigestive disorders.
American mistletoePhoradendron flavescens
AmianthiumAmianthium sp.Toxic.
Amianthium muscaetoxicumAmianthium muscaetoxicum
Ammi élevéAmmi majus
AmsinckiaAmsinckia spp.
Anagyre fetidAnagyris foetida
Andromeda of JapanPieris japonicaDigestive and cardiovascular disorders.
AnemoneAnémone L. sp.Toxic.
Angel's trumpetBrugmansia arborea
Annual begoniaBegonia semperflorens cultivar
Anthemis fetidAnthemis cotula
ApocyneApocynum sp.Toxic.
Apocyne with androsematic leavesApocynum androsaemifolium
ApocynumApocynum spp.
Apricot / Apricot treePrunus armeniacaEdible fruit (as candy), other parts may contain cyanide depending on the species.
Aralia false coffee treePolyscias guilfoylei
Aralia spinyAralia spinosa
ArisemonArisaema triphyllumToxic.
Aristoloche clematisAristolochia clematitis
Aristoloche pistolocheAristolochia pistolochia
Aristoloche siphonAristolochia macrophyllaToxic.
Aristolochia roundataAristolochia rotunda
AroidAraceae sp.Toxic.
ArumArum sp.
Arum from PalestineArum palestinum
Arum maculatumArum maculatum
Arum of ItalyArum italicum
Asiatic lilyLilium asiatica
Asparagus SprengeriAsparagus Sprengeri
Asparagus with dense flowersAsparagus densiflorus
AstragaleAstragalus sp.Toxic.
AstragaleAstragalus spp.
Astragale de MontpellierAstragalus monspessulanus
Autumn ColchicumColchicum autumnale
Autumn ScillaProspero autumnale
AvocadoCan cause cardiovascular and digestive problems.
BacchanteBaccharis sp.Toxic.
BalsamDacryodes macrophyllaToxic.
Balsam apple treeClusia major
Balsam of the gardensImpatiens balsaminaToxic.
Balsamic dragon treeDracaena surculosa
BambooNandina domesticaToxic.
barberryEuphorbia lathyris
Bean seedNot recommended can create digestive problems.
Bear grass / Stubborn XerophyllumXerophyllum tenax
BegoniaBegonia sp.Toxic.
Begonia cleopatraeBegonia cleopatra
Begonia metallicaBegonia metallica
Begonia rex 'peaceBegonia rex 'peace'
Begonia scharffiiBegonia scharffii
BelladonnaAtropa belladonnaToxic.
Berteroa incanaBerteroa incana
Betel palmAreca catechu
Bird of ParadiseStrelitzia reginae / Casesalpinia gilliesii
BistortPolygonum bistorta
Bitter orange treeCitrus Aurantium
BittersweetSolanum dulcamara
Black cherryPrunus serotina
Black helleboreHelleborus niger
Black HenbaneHyoscyamus niger
Black nightshadeSolanum nigrumDigestive disorders.
Black walnutJuglans nigra
Bloody cinereaPericallis hybrida / Cineraria hybrida
Bois-joliDaphne mezereum
Borage officinaleBorago officinalisNegative effects in large quantities only
BottlebrushCallistemon citrinus
BoxwoodBuxus sempervirensDigestive and nervous disorders.
Boxwood evergreenBuxus sempervirens
Brassaia actinophyllaBrassaia actinophylla / Schefflera actinophylla
Breadpà¢te à  gà¢teauRaised head
BrugmansiaBrugmansia sp.Toxic.
BrunfelsiaBrunfelsia sp.
Bryone dioiqueBryonia dioica
Bryone dioiqueBryonia dioica
Buddhist pinePodocarpus macrophylla
Burning bushPyracantha sp.Digestive disorders.
BuxusBuxus spp.
CaesalpiniaCaesalpinia sp.Toxic.
Caesalpinia pulcherrimaCaesalpinia pulcherrima
Caladium hortulanumCaladium hortulanum
CalamondinCitrus mitis
CallaZantedeschia aethiopica
Calyx vineSolandra grandiflora
Canadian BloodrootSanguinaria canadensis
Canadian ElderberrySambucus canadensis
Cane of the muteDieffenbachia sp.Dermatological and digestive disorders.
Cape JasmineGardenia jasminoides
CarawayCarum carvi
Cardinal LobeliaLobelia cardinalis
CatnipNepeta cataria
CelidoniaChelidonium majus
Centaury of the solsticeCentaurea solstitialisNeurological and digestive problems.
Chain corkQuercus suber
Chain pubescentQuercus pubescens
Cherry LaurelPrunus laurocerasusNeurological problems.
Chestnut treeAesculus hippocastaneumDigestive and nervous disorders.
Chestnut treeAesculus glabra
ChickweedQuercus coccifera
Chickweed (pedunculate)Quercus robur
Chili pepperNot suitable.
ChivesAllium schoenoprasumToxic in very large quantities
ChokecherryPrunus virginiana
Christmas starEuphorbia pulcherrima
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum spp.
Cicutaire maculéeCicuta maculata
Citrus aurantifoliaCitrus aurantifolia
ClematisClematis sp.
Climbing ivyHedera helix
Climbing SumacToxicodendron radicans
CliviaClivia spp.
Clivia vermilionClivia minata
CoffeeDigestive / urinary problems.
Coleus amboinicusColeus amboinicus
Coleus amboinicus / Cuban OreganoColeus amboinicus
Coleus ampoinicusColeus ampoinicus
ColumbineAquilegia sp.Toxic.
Common fernPteridium aquilinum
Common FerruleFerula communis
Common FerruleFerula communis
Common ivyHedera helix
Common TansyTanacetum vulgare
Common viperineEchium vulgare
Common wormwoodArtemisia vulgaris
Cordyline australeCordyline australis
Cordyline fruticosaCordyline terminalis
CotoneasterCotoneaster sp.
CoyotilloKarwinskia humboldtiana
Crassula arborescensCrassula arborescens
CrocusCrocus sp.
Crossandre in funnelCrossandra infundibuliformis
CrotariaCrotalaria spp.
CrotonCodiaeum sp.
Cultivated hempCannabis sativa
CycasCycas sp.Digestive and neurological problems.
Cycas of JapanCycas revoluta
CyclamenCyclamen sp.
Cymopterus watsoniiCymopterus watsonii
Cynoglossus amiableCynoglossum amabile
Cynoglossus of CreteCynoglossum creticum
Cyperus alternate leavesCyperus AlternifoliusToxic in large quantities
CypressCupressus sp.
Cypress / Sabot plantCypripedium sp.
CytiseCytisus sp.
Cytise false ebenierLaburnum anagyroides
DaffodilNarcissus pseudonarcissus / Narcissus jonquilla / Narcissus spp.
DahliaDahlia spp.
Daphne laurelDaphne laureola
DaturaBrugmansia sp.
Datura feroxDatura ferox
Datura innoxiaDatura innoxia
Datura stramoineDatura stramonium
Daucus carrotDaucus carota
Delphinium speciesDelphinium species
Desert RoseAdenium obesum
Devil's grass / Spiny appleDatura stramonium
DianthusDianthus sp.
Dicentre of CanadaDicentra canadensis
Dichelostemma ida-maiaDichelostemma ida-maia
DieffenbachiaDieffenbachia sp.Digestive and renal problems.
Dieffenbachia amoenaDieffenbachia amoena
Dieffenbachia pictaDieffenbachia picta
Digital purpleDigitalis purpurea
DigitaleDigitalis purpureaDigestive, renal and cardiac disorders.
Dionée attracts fliesDionaea muscipula
DiplotaxisDiplotaxis erucoides
DogwoodCornus spp.
DolphinellaDelphinium sp.
DoronicDoronicum sp.Some species are toxic
DracaenaDracaena spp
Dracaena fragransDracaena fragrans
Dracaena marginataDracaena marginata
Dragon TreeDracaena sp.
Drymaria pachyphyllaDrymaria pachyphylla
Dysphania ambrosioidesDysphania ambrosioides
Eagle fernPteridium aquilinum
Early StinkweedNoccaea praecoxPotentially toxic, depolluting plant, high concentration of metals.
EggplantSolanaceaeExcept the fruit, the parts of the plant like the leaves and the stem are toxic.
Elegant gypsophilaGypsophila elegans
Epipremnum aureum / PothosEpipremnum aureum
Erigeron speciosusErigeron speciosus
EucalyptusEucalyptus sp.
EuonymusEuonymus sp.
Euonymus atropurpureaEuonymus atropurpurea
Euonymus occidentalisEuonymus occidentalis
EuphorbiaEuphorbia chamaesyce
EuphorbiaEuphorbe sp.Very toxic sap, digestive disorders.
Euphorbia characiasEuphorbia characias
Euphorbia small-cypressEuphorbia cyparissias
Euphorbia waking up morningEuphorbia helioscopia
European HeliotropeHeliotropium europaeum
European TrolleysTrollius europaeusToxic rhizome and slightly poisonous plant
FagopyrumFagopyrum spp.
False PhilodendronMonstera deliciosa
False-flowered velarErysimum cheiranthoides
FernsCheilanthes sp.Digestive disorders.
Fetid helleboreHelleborus foetidus
Fetid StreetRuta GraveolensDigestive and dermatological disorders.
FicusFicus sp.Digestive and renal disorders.
Ficus benjaminaFicus benjamina
Field mustardSinapis arvensis
Field prairieEquisetum arvense
Field prairieEquisetum sp.
Fig treeFicus lyrata
Fire tongueAnthurium sp.Toxic.
Fire tongueAnthurium scherzeranum
FireweedEpilobium sp.
Flamboyant of HyèresSesbania punicea
Four-timesCornus canadensis
FragonRuscus aculeatus
Fragrant dragon treeDracaena deremensis
FumitoryFumaria officinalisRich in alkaloids, to avoid
Fusain of EuropeEuonymus europaeus
Fusain of JapanEuonymus japonicus
Garden vegetablePrunus persica
GarlicAllium sativumDigestive problems.
GarouDaphne gnidium
Gelsemium sempervirensGelsemium sempervirens
Genista de EspañaSpartium junceum
Genitemium broomCytisus scoparius
GentianGentiana spp.
Geranium of CaliforniaPetasite Roldana
Giant DracaenaLathyrus japonicus
Giant DracaenaGiant Dracaena
Giant HogweedHeracleum mantegazzianum
Gillies' CaesalpiniaErythrostemon gilliesii
Gillies' thistlePoinciana gilliesii
GladiolusGladiolus spp.
GlecomaGlechoma sp.
GloriosaGloriosa sp.
Glue thistleChamaeleon gummifer
GlycineWisteria sp.
Goldenrod / SolidagoSolidago sp.
GrapeVitis viniferaDigestive disorders.
Grapefruit / PomeloCitrus paradisii
Great hemlockConium maculatum L.
Great hemlockConium maculatum
Great hogweedHeracleum sphondylium
Green chainQuercus ilex
Green VerbenaVeratrum viride
GremilLithospermum sp.
Ground ivy GlexanderGlechoma hederaceaToxic in large quantities
Gutierrezia microcephalaGutierrezia microcephala
HalogetonHalogeton sp.
Haplopappus heterophyllusHaplopappus heterophyllus
Heart of MaryLamprocapnos spectabilis
HeleniaHelenium sp.
HeliotropeHeliotropium spp.
HelleboreHelleborus sp.
HemerocallisHemerocallis spp.
Hemerocallis gramineaHemerocallis graminea
HemlockConium sp. / Cicuta sp. / Tsuga sp.
Heteromeles arbutifoliaHeteromeles arbutifolia
HeveaHevea sp.
HippeasterHippeastrum spp.
HollyIlex sp.Digestive problems.
HollyIlex aquifolium
HoneysuckleLonicera sp.
HopsHumulus lupulus
Hosta platagineaHosta plataginea
HoundstoothCynodon dactylon
HydrangeaHydrangeas sp.Digestive disorders.
Hydrangea of VirginiaHydrangea arborescens
Ilex glabraIlex glabra
Ilex opacaIlex opaca
Ilex opaca / American hollyIlex opaca
Immortelle des sablesHelichrysum stoechasTo be avoided potentially toxic by a defense mechanism against herbivores.
Impatiens / BalsamImpatiens walleriana
Indian CarnationTagetes patula
Indian hempCrotalaria albida
IndigoferaIndigofera sp.
IpomoeaIpomoea spp
Iris / BelamcandaIris sp.
Iris spuriaIris spuria
Iron Cross BegoniaBegonia masoniana
IvyHedera sp.
Jade treeCrassula argentea
Japanese angelicaAraliaceaeDigestive and dermatological disorders.
Japanese lilyLilium speciosum
Japanese privetLigustrum japonicum
JatrophaJatropha sp.
JoubarbeSempervivum sp.Toxic leaves
JuniperJuniperus communis
KalanchoeKalanchoe spp.
Kalanchoe tubifloraKalanchoe tubiflora
Kalmia with andromeda leavesKalmia polifolia
Karwinskia humboldtianaKarwinskia humboldtiana
KleiniaKleinia spp.
Lamb's-quartersChenopodium album
LampourdeXanthium sp.
LantanaLantana camara
LantanaLantana camara
Laurel / Yellow laurelLaurus nobilis
Lemon / Lemon treeDigestive problems.
Lemon grassCymbopogon citratus
Lemon verbenaAloysia triphylla
LeucothoeLeucothoe spp.
Lilac of PersiaMelia azedarach
Lilium tigrinumLilium tigrinum
LilyLilium sp. / Hemerocallis sp .Digestive and nervous disorders.
Lily of the valleyConvallaria majalisDigestive and cardiac disorders.
Lima beanPhaseolus lunatus
LobeliaLobelia spp.
LousewortCicuta sp.
Lucky bambooDracaena sanderiana
LupineLupinus spp.
LuzulaLuzula sp.Potentially toxic
LyoniaLyonia sp.
Lyonia false-troeneLyonia spp.
Madagascar PeriwinkleVinca rosea
Malabar LilyGloriosa superba
Marsh AcheApium graveolens
Meat, eggs or bonesDigestive problems, not adapted
MercurialMercurialis annua L.Digestive disorders.
Mescal beanCalia secundifloraToxic.
Milk / Dairy productsDigestive problems.
MilkweedAsclepias sp.Toxic.
MimosaAcacia dealbata
Mineral stone / Gnawing stone / Salt stoneUnsuitable. Mineral/gnawing stones can be used to file claws.
MintMentha spToxic in large quantities.
MiseryTradescantia albiflora
MiseryTradescantia spathacea
MiseryTradescantia pallida
MistletoeViscum albumDigestive nervous and cardiac disorders.
MonardeMonarda didymaNot toxic but can cause intestinal disorders.
Moon flowerSpathiphyllum sp.
Moon flowerSpathiphyllum sp.
Morelle à feuilles de chalefSolanum elaeagnifolium
Mother-in-law's tongueSansevieria trifasciata
Mould / FungusDigestive and nervous disorders.
Mountain ArnicaArnica montana
Mountain laurelKalmia latifolia
NarcissusNarcissus spp.
Narrow-leafed KalmiaKalmia angustifolia
Narrow-leaved KalmiaKalmia augustifolia
NicotianaNicotiana sp.
Nielle des blésAgrostemma githago
Night-blooming hogweedMirabilis jalapaToxic.
Nocturnal Chestnut / NightcapCestrum nocturnum
NutmegMyristica fragrans
OnionAllium cepa
OnionsDigestive problems.
Orange treeCitrus sinensis
Oriental HyacinthHyacinthus orientalis
Origanum vulgare hirtumOriganum vulgare hirtum
Ornamental tobaccoNicotiana spp.
Ornithogale in umbelOrnithogalum umbellatum
OxalisOxalis sp.
Oxytenia acerosaOxytenia acerosa
OxytropisOxytropis spp.
Pà¢queretteBellis perennis
Papyrus with alternate leavesCyperus alternifolius
Paris DaisyChrysanthemum frutescens
ParsleyPerilla sp.
ParsleyPetroselinum crispumToxic in large quantities
Pastries / desserts / ready mealsNot suitable.
Pearl necklace plantSenecio rowleyanus
Peeled rockweedPodophyllum peltatum
PelargoniumPelargonium sp.
Pelargonium with strong smellPelargonium species
Pencil plantEuphorbia tirucalli
PeonyPaeonia sp.
PeonyPaeonia officinalis
Perennial peaLathyrus latifolius
Perpetual leekAllium ampeloprasum
Peruvian ThevetiaThevetia peruviana
PeyoteLophophora williamsii
PhilodendronPhilodendron spp.
Philodendron bipennifoliumPhilodendron bipennifolium
Philodendron bipinnatifoliumPhilodendron selloum
Philodendron oxycardiumPhilodendron oxycardium
Pink laurelNerium oleanderDigestive, nervous and cardiac disorders.
Piritai / Night beautyIpomée violacea
Plum treePrunus domesticaToxic in large quantities
PodophyllumPodophyllum sp.Digestive disorders.
Poet's carnationDianthus barbatusSlightly toxic.
PoinsettiaEuphorbia pulcherrimaDigestive disorders.
PoinsettiaAbrus prThevetia peruvianaecatorius
Ponderosa pinePinus ponderosa
PorcupineHypochaeris radicata
Potato / Potato plantDigestive problems.
PothosScindapsus aureus
PothosScindapsus sp.
Prairie LilyLilium longiflorum
Prairie LilyLilium umbellatum
Prairie lilyLilium lancifolium
Prickly peaCaltha palustris
PrimrosePrimula sp.
Primrose / CuckooPrimula officinalis
Primrose of the gardensPrimula vulgaris
PrivetLigustrum vulgareDigestive problems.
Prosopis glandulosaProsopis glandulosa
PsilostrophePsilostrophe sp.
Puffy watermelonPodophyllum peltatum
PurslanePortulaca oleracea
Queensland walnutMacadamia integrifolia
RangpurCitrus limonia
RanunculusRanunculus sp.Toxic.
RanunculusRanunculus acris
RavenelleRaphanus raphanistrum
red mapleAcer rubrum
Red-orange lilyLilium philadelphicum
Rhododendron / AzaleaRhododendron sp.Digestive, respiratory and nervous disorders.
RhubarbRheum sp.
Richardson's HymenoxysHymenoxys richardsonii
RincinRicinus communisDigestive, neurological and cardiovascular disorders.neurological and cardiovascular disorders.
RobiniaRobinia spp.
RobiniaRobinia pseudoacacia
Roman chamomileAnthemis nobilisToxic only in large quantities or external contact with the sap
Rose of IndiaTagetes erectaPotentially toxic in essential oil.
Rose of the woodsIpomea tuberosa
RosehipRosa caninaRespiratory and nervous disorders, presence of cyanogenetic heterosides. Toxic plant only in great quantity.
Round-leaf sorrelRumex scutatus
RumexRumex sp.Except sorrel, digestive and renal disorders.
Saffron OenantheOenanthe crocataDigestive and nervous disorders.
SaltNot suitable.
Saponaria officinalisSaponaria officinalisDigestive disorders.
Sarcobatus vermiculatusSarcobatus vermiculatus
ScheffleraSchefflera actinophyllaDigestive disorders.
Schefflera actinophyllaSchefflera actinophylla
Schefflera actinophyllaBrassaia actinophylla
Scindapsus pictusScindapsus pictus
Sesbania drummondiiSesbania drummondii
Sesbania vesicariaSesbania vesicaria
SesneaSenecio sp.
Sleepy poppyPapaver somniferum
Small-flowered GalinsogeGalinsoga parvifloraAvoid, potentially toxic,
SnowdropGalanthus L. / Leucojum vernum L.
SolanumSolanum spp.
Solanum carolinenseSolanum carolinense
Solanum eleagnifoliumSolanum eleagnifolium
Solomon's sealPolygonatum multiflorumDigestive disorders.
Sorgo commonSorghum bicolorNot toxic, but infested by mushrooms which are very dangerous.
SorrelQuantity to limit!!
SpathiphyllumSpathiphyllum sp.Digestive disorders.
Sphenosciadium capitellatumSphenosciadium capitellatum
Spiny fernRuscus AculaetusDigestive disorders.
Spiny poppyArgemone sp.
Spotted ArumArum alpinumToxic.
Sprenger's asparagusAsparagus aethiopicusToxic.
St. Barbara's grass / Common barberryBarbarea vulgaris
St. John's wortHypericum perforatum
StinkweedThlaspi arvensePresence of glucosinolates
Stinky cabbageSymplocarpus foetidus
SugarNot adapted.
SumacToxicodendron sp.
Sumac with varnishToxicodendron vernix
Summer AdonisAdonis aestivalis
Sweet peaLathyrus odoratus
Sweet peaSolanum pseudocapsicumDigestive disorders.
Sweet potatoIpomoea batatas
Symphoricarpos orbiculatusSymphoricarpos orbiculatus
SymphorineSymphoricarpos sp.Digestive problems.
Syngonium podophyllumSyngonium podophyllum
TaroColocasia esculenta / Xanthosoma sagittifolium / Amorphophallus paeoniifolius / Alocasia macrorrhizos / Cyrtosperma merkusii
TarragonArtemisia dracunculusToxic in very large quantities.
TaxusTaxus spp.
TeaDigestive / urinary problems.
TetradymiaTetradymia sp.
Thlaspi arvense / StinkweedThlaspi arvense
TobaccoNicotiana sp.
TomatoSolanum lycopersicum L. / Lycopersicon sppToxic leaves
Toothed EuphorbiaEuphorbia serrata
ToyonHeteromeles arbutifolia
Tradescantia flumeninsisTradescantia flumeninsis
Tradescantia multifloraTradescantia multiflora
Tree buckthornCelastrus scandensDigestive and neurological disorders.
True LavenderLavendula angustifolia
TulipTulipa sp.
VertreVeratrum album
Victoria amazonicaVictoria amazonica
Viperine faux-plantainEchium plantagineum
Virginia creeperParthenocissus sp.
Virginia SpeedwellVeronicastrum virginicum
Western yewTaxus brevifolia
White fernDryopteris filix-mas
WintergreenGaultheria sp.Digestive and neurological disorders.
Woolly HogweedHeracleum maximum
WormwoodArtemisia absinthium
XylitolNot adapted.
YarrowAchillea millefolium
YauponIlex vomitoria
Yellow tobaccoNicotiana glauca
Yew (all species)Taxus sp.Toxic taxin.
YuccaYucca spp.
ZamiaZamia spp.
Zamia furfuraceaZamia furfuracea
Zamia pumilaZamia pumila
ZigadenusZigadenus sp.


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