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Accueil » Oktodon Association: a society to defend and raise degus awareness

Oktodon Association: a society to defend and raise degus awareness

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The big news of 2022, a project that has been in the making for some time now has been finalized: the creation of a French-speaking association solely dedicated to degus! This project was born with our first degus, facing the mass of misinformation that led to preventable diseases and caused their death. Unfortunately, over time, we discovered that lack of information leads to many diseases, including dental and digestive, but also to abandonment. It was time to change things so that everyone could understand and know the degus.

Please note that this article was translated with the help of DeepL. If you notice any mistakes, please send us an email at! Thank you for your help!
Brindille, la toute première octodon !

From the website…

At first, it was essential to create a reliable information space to allow everyone to access to knowledge. To know and understand the needs of the degus is essential to propose him a life in captivity adequate to his species. This web site was (and still is) the first stone to the building, because it allows everyone to have access to safe articles, verified by professionals. However, this is a purely personal project and it is intended to remain so. The site is there to share the happiness of having degus on a daily basis, while taking good care of them. 

… to the association

But for some time now, it is clear: the number of abandoned animals is frightening. It does not only affect dogs and cats, but also all small pets, including the degus. On the French or international scene, dedicated shelters are rare and associations are often overwhelmed. In France, no association is totally dedicated to this species, unlike rabbits or hamsters. That’s why the idea came to create our association, which will be associated with the website, while remaining an independent project. The aim of the association is to offer animals for adoption, picked up by foster families. But the goal is also and always to inform. This time via fairs, leaflets, cards or any other possible means of communication. To offer a concrete help to those who need it, owners included. The second goal of the association is also to create a space for the owners of degus, to exchange, to discuss, to help each other. That’s why the association Oktodon was born.

At first, the objectives will remain quite small, because saving degus is expensive and the goal is to reimburse, at least partially, the expenses to the foster families. At the same time, we wish to participate in animal events to put forward this species and to answer directly to the various questions. But all this requires time, help and money, which an association structure allows to gather.

Note that this is a French organization, however, if you want to help our cause, you can participate in the teeming group:! Thank you!

We wanted to thank all of you, readers of this website, already very numerous. Because it is thanks to and for the owners of degus that this project was born.

Thanks to Brindille, first degus of the family (by Dessine-moi une branche)

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